15 years since he made titanic… 10 years he spent reinventing the wheel so that he could tell the story he could see in his head… a year and a half i spent aniticipating, feeding on every tidbit that came out of the AVATAR hype-camp… there were highs when nothing was known other than that james cameron was going to change the game… then came the trailer and everyone said MEH! no game changer this one.. then come avatar day people lined up for a 15 minute preview of the movie… some came blown away some even more doubtful of the success of this 300 million dollar plus behemoth…

Then December 18th ( 17th for me) dawned and EVERYONE had to bite their shoe cause james cameron who has not said a word so far about AVATAR stunned the world to silence with what could only be described as MAGIC!

There aren’t enough words in the english ( or Na’avi) dictionary to describe the experience.. Its just that An Experience… its like when you learnt to walk crawling wasnt going to be fun anymore… when you learnt to pedel ur bicycle walking wasnt going to cut it anymore… when you have seen AVATAR in glorious 3D a 2D movie isnt going to suffice…

the story is simple as was titanic’s … the acting brilliant and underrated as was titanic’s … the scale is gargantuan much larger than titanic’s… and that is saying something … how do you top a 17 million gallon water tank used to recreate the freezing atlantic ocean? simple you create floating mountains with waterfalls that flow into nothingness…

The story is replete with social commentary, the human greed, the search for the magical material to solve all of the earth’s crisis – the UNOBTAINIUM, the race wars… its got everything and then some…

simple story aside the beauty of AVATAR is truly in the eye of the beholder.. its a visual feast… the first time we see our hero ( the Future MEGASTAR Sam Worthington) embody his Na’avi avatar, when he starts running for the first time after having been confined to the wheelchair, feeling the pebbles against the sole of his feet… you see it, you feel it and you are on PANDORA..

what Cameron achieves in this movie is astounding visuals, ones that overcome the pitfalls that befell all previous atempts at 3D. the visual quality is rich in colour and texture.. never once are you “in the dark”. the details are truly 3D, each vein on the leaves clearly visible.. the forests of pandora are alive with bio-luminescence.. each species of flora and fauna designed to such beautiful detail that you’d imagine Cameron spent years on Pandora studying them.

all this technology would come to naught if it wasnt supported by some brilliant acting.. althought most of it is CGI not for once do you feel you are not seeing actors in flesh and blood… a particular stand out are Zoe Saldana and CCH Pounder . the mother and daughter (neyitiri) Na’avi who bring such refined grace to the 10 foot blue giants that its unexplainable in words..

in a film heavy with technology and social commentary there are some brilliant comedic moments… through its entire 2 and a half hour length not once will you feel bored.

my only gripe with this film and its a tiny minuscule is the lack of a brilliant song… something like a “circle of life” there is one particular scene towards the end where a song would have been perfect… but james horner and his use of african tribal sounds and a brilliantly soaring musical track make up for that one misgiving…

This is the movie that will define the future landscape of movies…because ladies and gentlemen you are not in Kansas anymore… Welcome to Pandora!

one final word… I was beyond excited to go see this movie… and now that i have… i can only say that i am even more excited to go see it again… rarely do you feel like this after a movie!

Bravo James Cameron Bravo!

This is a reproduction of the article published on my facebook page

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