It was a toss up between Inglorious Basterds or Kaminey… Kaminey won simply because of the proximity of the theatre screening it . So would my choice of the Indian Tarantino pay off? or as with most of the bollywood movie would i be left bored and out of the theatre half way through?

Kaminey is a story of two identical twins who have had a falling out in their childhood . one (guddu) takes the good route and remains poor and the other (charlie) takes the wrong one and ends up being the proverbial mumbai gangster… so far nothing novel or new about this story. this has been done to death in bollywood. But what is different is Vishal bharadwaj… he takes the often hacked story and treats it with such style that there is really no parallel in all the past bollywood movies to compare this with. its gritty and grimy and dangerous and sexy as one would expect the story of a gangster to be.

The background score has been used like never before. which is not surprising because the director had his calling as a music director before he made such memorable movies as makadi ( a personal favourite) maqbool and omkara ( need to see them pronto). the songs are not thrown in to fill the time or to make an additional buck with the music sales but they melt into the story perfectly. Gulzaar has outdone himself with the lyrics for the song bhavra aaya… that should be the official song of the government’s fight against AIDS campaign .

I had the absolute misfortune of sitting through the cannes jury prize winner Babel a couple years ago and the scene in the disco was the worst 5 minutes of celluloid i have ever been exposed to. Dhan tan nan is how any psychedelic trance/rave scene should be shot.

Priyanka as the feisty marathi mulgi puts in a brilliant performance and so does amol gupte who in my mind still remains the maker and creator of Taare Zameen Par ( take that aamir khan – you can keep talent down)

but the hero of the movie in its true sense of the word is Shahid kapoor . He channels the two characters with such charisma and bravado that you cannot but love him even when is the cocaine dealing gun totting small time gangster who dreams of having his own booking office at the race course!

The climatic gun battle which ensues is shot brilliantly the music reaches a cresendo and the lays a fitting end to a brilliant brilliant piece of new age bollywood.

so to choose vishal bharadwaj over tarantino paid off. the best bollywood movie in a very very long time. for once I plead – this is a movie for the big screen a 700 mb rip will not do it the justice it deserves. i spent 800 INR and i dont regret it for a bit.

This was the first review I ever wrote ! this was first published in 2010 on my facebook page

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