Pyaar ka Punchnama

Pyar ka punchnama – a film by first time director Luv Ranjan has been garnering a lot praise and word of mouth recommendation from the yuppie crowd, the IT folks and other stereotypical target groups that the movie is aimed at. The story is that of 3 guys Vikrant, Nishant and Raja urf Rajjo Rani and their “Man-Handling” at the hands of their love interests. If Bard were alive I am sure he would rechristen this “Loves Labor Lost”.

I was told by countless IT friends that this movie so typically embodies their lives – the same “kutta” like existence and it came to me hugely recommended. Now the last movie that I came across with such strong word of mouth turned out to be refreshingly delightful Band Baaja Barat so I decided to give this one a go and see for myself if I had indeed been missing out on a generational movie.

Luckily for me I didn’t have to scour out a movie theatre and had the comfort of my bed from where to watch this on a lazy Sunday morning. Because had I gone into a theatre I am sure I would have to woken up by the cleaning staff. This is not to say that the movie didn’t have some entertainment value – but rather that this is a reallllllllllllllllllly long movie that seems to keep going back to same plot devices which begin to grate on your nerves after a while – that of the scheming manipulating uses-sex-as-a-weapon depiction of the fairer sex.

So the story begins harmlessly enough with 3 guys who are living together and seem to having a good time hanging out in their boxers and less, chugging beers and basically being boys. Then walk in 3 lovely (and I do mean 2 out of 3 are indeed very lovely) lasses and all hell breaks loose. What ensues is fairly predictable but I am not sure how accurate.
You have the hapless romantic Nishant who is hung up on a girl who is in a relationship with someone else but gives nishant enough rope to keep hanging himself over and over and still there is enough left for her to tug him back to her. Then there is Rajjo Rani who has a clingy needy and a shrill girl friend who he moves in with and is basically neutered ( well that’s what happens to dogs anyways right?) . then there is the angst ridden guitarist Vikrant who is in a twisted relationship with a girl who still heaves hot and cold for her ex. All very typical and mostly forgettable.

The movie feels amateurish with its staccato dialogue and repetition of the same story angles. However there are a few good things about the movie. There is some gorgeous cinematography especially in some of the song sequences and also some of the desi rock songs are quite good and would make for an interesting listen on a long drive on a rainy day! My favorite part about the movie was the agitated outburst of Rajat ( who will always be rajjo raani for me) who vents out about “Aurat Jaat” which is demeaning but still fun and the part where Vikrant says “ ye ungli vaala mere saath bhi hua hai “ .

All in all this is a mildly amusing and remotely entertaining fluff with no cohesive story or character development (besides the occupation of the IT guy I have no clue what anyone does!) which begins to get tiresome very quickly. This movie would have gained supremely from a 20 minute cut in its run time.

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