Fukrey – A Review

Mrigdeep Singh Lamba directs a cast of relative unknowns in Fukrey.  The story focuses primarily on Honey and Choocha played admirably by TV’s Pulkit Samrath and Varun Sharma and their hilarious dream interpretation schemes at winning lottery tickets.  Ali Fazal and Manjot Singh round out the quartet of lovable losers.

The story is based in Delhi and the characters are caricature delhites with loud and brash demeanor yet an inimitable lovable persona. Honey and Choocha are class 12 students having spent 3 years in the same year while dreaming of making it to the college and leaving the uniforms and the all-male classmates and hanging with the girls.

The movie is everything Delhi Belly wanted to be but couldn’t be. Honey with his bravado and Choocha with his insanity are the perfect foil for each other. Pulkit Samrath who shows promises in the same vein as Aayushmann Khuranna is the rough around the edges but still charm personified . Varun Sharma who makes his debut with this movie elicits the loudest laughs and if you were in the show with me I apologies for my fits of giggles courtesy Sharma. Manjot Singh as the correspondence student dreaming of joining his childhood sweetheart at her college is also amazing as Laali. Ali Fazal plays Zafar the budding musician who has  lost his muse, Fazal impressed me the most as he has been entrusted with the movie’s only emotionally heavy moment and he carries it off with such ease and élan that I hope he gets more challenging role which allow him to show a range which he obviously possesses.

Another comparison where Fukrey does Delhi Belly one better is with its portrayal of its female characters. Vishakha Singh plays Neetu a college professor and has the smallest of the roles of the other actors but is still quite competent. Priya Anand who impressed with her turn in English Vinglish is again in top form going a full 180 and playing the naïve Delhi damsel who willingly falls for the charms of Honey and unwittingly becomes embroiled in the madness that ensues. Richa Chaddha plays Bholi Punjaban and is perhaps the best of the cast along with Sharma. She with her animal print clothing which are supposed to reflect her ferocity and the fear she instills in people who come across her, she with her African henchmen , she with her broken English, she with her Sinderalla tattoo to remind the viewers of her girlish charms as well. The scenes with her and Sharma are so amazing that I am willing to sit through a 3 hour movie starring just these two fantastic characters! A special mention also to Pankaj Tripathi who plays Pandit the college guard who brings these four Fukras together and lands them Bholi Punjaban’s lap.

The movie is shot beautifully capturing the earthy hues of old Delhi by K U Mohan after his beautiful work on Talaash last year. The dialogues fresh and crisp and not reliant on toilet humor to elicit laughs.  Music by Ram Sampath is fantastic for that Punjabi folk song Ambarsariya alone and does well to provide other tracks which work well in the context of the movie.

We went into the movie with absolutely no expectations of it being great or even consistently entertaining and we were surprised to say the least. I cannot remember when I last laughed out this loudly in a theatre and when I walked away from the theatre with such a grin on my face.

Go see this movie because in all honesty it is the best comedy this year (so far) and in my opinion one of the best comedies in the last few years. Go see it for Choocha and Bholi’s chemistry and the madness that ensues. Go see it because everyone needs to lighten up and have a roaring belly laugh!

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