You absolutely cannot go wrong when you have the legendary Cher (the woman doesn’t even need a second name), the pocket sized power house Christina Aguilera, The amazing Stanley Tucci, Eric “Dr. McSteamy” Dane and “dancing with the stars” Julianne Hough. With a combination like that plot, point and production values do not matter any longer. Burlesque is unashamedly, un-bashfully and unapologetically aware of that.

Burlesque is the story of the small town Iowa girl Alice “Ali” with big dreams and a voice to match. She leaves her drab life in Iowa and buys a one way ticket to Las Vegas. She lands up at a 1920s inspired burlesque club run by the tempestuous diva Tess played by the legend herself Cher! Through some unimportant situations Ali lands a job first waitressing and then as a dancer on the burlesque stage. After butting heads with the current star Nikki who through her poor choices looses favour with Tess Ali gets her big break on the stage as the leading lady. Nikki sabotages her performance by cutting off the vocal track and it falls upon the Ali to belt out a note that could stop a raging rhino in his tracks ( poor analogy I know) . From there onwards its just one big giant rhinestone covered performance after another as Ali the girls from the little town with a big voice and an equally big heart charms her way into her room mate Jack played by Cam Gigandet , to the successful business man and a gentleman Markus whose intentions aren’t clear from the beginning.

Burlesque is an art form, its cheeky its sexy it fun. Very popular in the 20s and the 40s it is again seeing a stead revival with Hollywood a-listers like Dita Von Tesse making a name for herself through this form of performance art. Even popular TV series like gossip girl’s lead characters Chuck and Blair have shown a penchant for indulging in burlesque. Fun fact: Kristen bell who plays Nikki is also the voice of Gossip Girl XOXO. Recent singers like Katy Perry who shows a little and hide a lot enticing the audience have seen their popularity hit the stratosphere.

Like I said story and direction aren’t something to write home about and neither is the production value as the movie seems to be in a time warp from the 1920s club interiors to the 1940s inspired sports car that Markus drives to the 1980 “use my phone for calling whoever, you know long distance or anything” to the 2000s girlfriends calling the cell phone to pick a fight. But what is amazing is the chemistry between the Diva Christina and the doyen Cher. Each musical number makes you (or me atleast) grin ear to ear with the sheer joy that these two bring to the screen. Two ballads one by Cher “you haven’t seen the last of me” and “bound to you” by Christina are reasons enough to see this movie. And I would pray to god that Cher meant it and that we really haven’t seen the last of her.

I love musicals and I thought that John Travolta in drag in hairspray was great ( for which a lot of my friends haven’t forgiven me ) so you shouldn’t necessarily take my advice seriously. But I mean come on this is Cher and Christina we are talking about! A GREAT movie to forget whatever crap is going on in your life and escape to the world of burlesque! I also own the Original soundtrack of the movie which makes for a very fun 3 hour drive to work on Mondays!