I love you Philip Morris

How is it that trash like “how do you know” and “Leap year” gets such a wide releases and a movie like ILYPM gets buried? This is a movie that can give almost any rom-com a run for its money.

So the story sees our protagonist Jim Carey a church going gospel singing small town cop and father of one make some life altering decisions. Those decisions lead him to a very dark place. While in this dark place he chances upon a creature so delicate and so beautiful that it catches his eye and his heart at the same time. And as they say it is love at the first time. Circumstances keep forcing Steven ( Jim) and his beloved to part ways and Steven concocts one plot after another to get to the love of his life.

Finally when they are together living in domestic harmony Steven’s carefully created charade falls apart as his con is finally caught and his beloved is distraught at all the lies and leaves Steven behind. But soon comes to realize that all Steven did was to make HIM happy. Yeah you see that might have been the problem why this movie was buried. It’s a love story between two men. Jim Carey plays the con artist Steven Russell and Ewan McGregor plays the titular character Philip Morris. Two Hollywood A-listers playing Gay men! gasp! And they are not apologetic or dying of AIDS ?! Blasphemy.

It is oft said that truth is stranger than fiction and the story of ILYPM is a perfect example of it. Based on true events the movie is an account of the number of ways Steven Russell broke the law to get to the one person he loved – Philip Morris. The Lead actors are stalwarts and very very straight men I mean one guy married a porn star and another went on a marathon international bike sojurn. But you wouldn’t guess that when you see them on screen. Jim Carey as the flamboyant gay con artist is the best jim carey we’ve seen in years. Ewan McGregor as the delicate bashful and sweet Philip morris is sheer perfection in method acting. Every detail every single hand gesture , turn of the head makes you scream “THATS SO GAY!” but not in a homophobic sense of the way.

Considering that this movie came out with raving reviews out of Sundance a couple of years ago and upon seeing it I can truly vouch for the talent on display I still fail miserably at understanding that how come this gem of a movie got lost. If it were upto me I would put Ewan up for a Best Supporting actor nom and in my books he would win it. And Jim Carey has always and forever been looked over by the hollywood high brow i mean TRUMAN SHOW! and now ILYPM.

Do not shy away from this movie because of the preference of the lead characters – I highly recommend this brilliantly written directed movie. But more than anything else I recommend it for its two leads who are simply FABULOUS .